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Don't You Believe It  

- is a spectacle – soulvasq consistently receives energetic responses from regular fans and fresh audiences alike

- is a musical & theatrical performance group inhabited by versatile musicians and devoted entertainers, plus outstanding writers and composers

- is a dramatic response to a local area music and bar scene that offers little access to sources of extraordinary entertainment, culture, and intellectual enlightenment

- places entertainment value as it’s highest priority, integrating thought provoking theatrical skits into their act, creating a different “show” at every venue

- has an eclectic musical range- our brief description: folky acoustic swingy bluesy jazzy funky groovy alternative with just a dash of metal for flavor... And a heavy dose of philosophy.

- reeks of versatility – with a broad base of styles to choose from, soulvasq tailors it’s shows to blend comfortably with various venue types and audience expectations

tom lounges of the midwest beat magazine called soulvasq a “hard-edge zappa-esque band” and listen.com says “wacky lyrics, borderline falsettos, multiple changes and thick bass work abounds” in soulvasq’s music, calling the band “prog-metal for the alternative kids”

soulvasq has found and continues to seek out a variety of quality acts to perform and collaborate with. soulvasq has been called a “musicians band”, that delights in playing with groups they personally enjoy hearing, and some that will occasionally share in the soulvasq shenanigans

soulvasq has been an occasional guest on ‘last chance radio’ at columbia college’s wcrx. the band took full advantage and was allowed to host a show. soulvasq has also appeared on hammond public access, which reaches over 35,000 viewers.

this group revels in pushing the musical stage show envelope, mixing styles, cultures, interesting tones, and songwriting sensibility with theatric skits, introducing social commentary

“there is a purpose here…”
    -- d.g. solar

from the mystical to the political. there is a purpose here, and it works on a simple formula: individuals, becoming enlightened, will work for positive change in the world. our aim is to illuminate our audiences, and to do it by putting on a fantastic show.
-- d.g. solar of soulvasq

judges at the oasis 160 “battle 2k2” declared “the whole band worked together both musically and visually”, and recognized that “the music is almost secondary to the stage show”. soulvasq was awarded first prize in the competition.

soulvasq is proud to have participated in mobfest 2k2, entertaining well over 200 people crammed into the sweaty basement of the u.s. beer company in chicago.

soulvasq has a loyal fan base in indiana and chicago’s south suburbs, and are currently working at expanding their fan base into chicago, seeking out and performing at a variety of venues throughout the city.

the band has released five ep’s on their own label, hOle in the plOt prOduCtiOns. way back when in the first incarnation of mp3.com, soulvasq clocked over 1500 downloads of their music at www.mp3.com/soulvasq, the latter 1000 was received in less than six months.

Currently soulvasq is participating in the garageband.com experience. Call It Something Else is doing particularly well - Check it out!