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Don't You Believe It  

The ocean of mystery is deep.

But shallow enough on the shores,
for even a child to comprehend.

There is no MYSTERY, the mystery isn't real.

Please do listen to our music!
Click here for a quick listen,
and/or you may download the tracks from our new CD "Out Past Ours" below:

Call it Something Else
Sloppy Fisted Coffee Guzzle
Before The Law
Two Dollar Bill
Aliens Ate My Buick
El Emenohpee

If you're interested, you may find the lyrics here.

Also available for download:

The Soulvasq Movie

The Soulvasq Movie
(gotta warn ya, this is a huge file and will take quite some time to download)

Goodies and other Good Things
Esa Es Vida (That's Life) LIVE
Before The Law (1998)
Fantasy Island (1998)
Funky Girl (older, but better than the new scratch)
Go (a song about procrastination)


* * - - Performance Alert!! - - * *

soulvasq will be performing March 14 and 15th - Don't miss it!

In true soulvasq style, we'll be putting on a bit of a show - we're putting our new video-projector to use!  For a sneak peek at what we'll be doing live at the shows, look here (just an unfinished demo).


Wednesday March 14th
At Heartbreakers Gentlemen's Club
9442 W. National Avenue
West Allis, WI
With Flattbush (signed to Billy Gould's Koolarrow Records)
Snooky (From Racine, WI)
and The Sky and the Execution

Thursday March 15th
At U.S. Beer Co.
1801 North Clybourn
Chicago, IL
With Flattbush (signed to Billy Gould's Koolarrow Records)
Snooky (From Racine, WI)
and The Fake Thing - A Tribute To Faith No More (featuring members of soulvasq)

New news! soulvasq has been offered an opportunity to have a music video for "Call It Something Else..." made for us - by some folks at Harvard University - and in a video game. Seriously! The Berkman Center for Internet & Society has "Extension" and "At Large" programs for people who aren't actually students there, and they have a virtual campus in a virtual world called Second Life. There's a short video of us introducing ourselves here! So if anyone out there is a Second Life player, you can possibly help out. Here's some details.

There's a review of "Out Past Ours" at superstarcastic.com. Thanks Borch!

Check out how "Call It..." is doing at garageband.com! Last time we checked, we were in Round 2 - at #27 out of 194. That makes us happy.

soulvasq is...









with just a dash of metal for flavor

And a heavy dose of philosophy.