Web Design and Graphic Design

Web Design

We'll build a web site for you. Simple, effective and elegant design, designed and built specifically for you to edit and maintain yourself. We'll even teach you how!

As web design and graphic design are nearly inseperable, see below for more details...

Graphic Design

From start to finish, or anywhere in between, we can help. If you just need a quick flyer for an upcoming show, we can work with whatever you give us and make you a spiffy pro flyer. If you need more...

If your band is fresh out of the box, or just looking for a shiny new makeover, we can "brand" you. Branding generally means coming up with a logo, a theme, a mascot, color schemes and other gizmos to provide you with a recognizable, consistent look. This look can span from your website to your bumper stickers.

We can provide custom design, layouts, and printing for whatever promotional material you want to put in peoples hands. There are so many ways to promote, it's just plain silly, but here's a few basic examples:
-Flyers, any format
-Business Cards
-Magazine ads
-CD Layouts
-Bumper stickers
-Banners and animated gifs


Here's some examples of my work.



The Fake Thing

Web Design:
The Fake Thing
The Gwen Mitchell Trio
Autopsy Kitchen Records

Graphic Design:
Sine Of Infinity - Assorted
The Flying Aarons - Flyer
Society X - Flyer
Succubus - Assorted
soulvasq - Assorted