Whirlpool Fix

PIC 1 – Typical Whirlpool Side x Side Freezer Panel

There was a patch of frost on the upper right, indicating a fan problem, not a defrost problem.

PIC 2 – Behind the panel

Note the frost in strange places up high.  Sure sign of evap fan not running at some point.  This fan was not running when I arrived, but fired up when I started removing the back panel.  On these models, if the compressor is running, the evap fan should be running, no exceptions.

PIC 3 – After replacing the evap fan, I check for positive airflow here

There was no airflow.  Why?

PIC 4 -Because the block of ice inside of here

Clearing the ice here is mission critical.  Not doing so will result in a callback and the knowledge that  “you done didn’t do your job”.