"Get your Plots!   Get your Plots here!   Oh, wait.   There's a Hole in that one..."

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Hole In The Plot Is...

Hole In The Plot Productions is a grassroots organization dedicated to providing needed services to local bands in the greater Chicagoland area. HIPP's primary function is to provide creative services including graphic design, web design, logos and branding. We can build you a web page, provide you with an "image", then work that image into T-shirts, bumper stickers, business cards, cd layouts, flyers and other promotional items.

The premise behind Hole In The Plot was based on founders Mark Vasquez and Dave Solar's needs in their original band, soulvasq. Instead of purchasing a service or product, they would pool their mental and physical resources together and provide that service on their own. One by one they became proficient in fulfilling their own needs. Mark and Dave knew they were lucky - that within their band they had the resources to do these things on their own - and thought that there ought to be a local service to help bands out with things they can't do themselves.

The key beauty of HIPP is it's altruism. We provide what we can at extremely low costs, and also try to coach our clients through a service so that one day they will be able to provide it themselves.


Web design and Graphic design for local bands are near and dear to the heart of HIPP. Starting a band includes creating a logo, and a visual "theme". Visualizing this is easy enough, but creating the images and formatting them for all of your various end uses is difficult.

Unless you know how. And we know how.

Not only will we create images and web pages for whatever purpose you can devise, but we will also provide you with a general background of the Hows and Why's, the Do's and Dont's for your projects. By the time you're done with us, you should be able to edit and/or create your own images and web pages. We like to think of Knowledge as an added value, a product that keeps on working long after you've paid for it.


Once your design is done, you've got to get it out there. Your images eventually end up on CD's, T-shirts, bumper stickers, flyers, and generally all over town. We can help you get it there.

Got a CD you're ready to print 1000 of and don't know where to go? We know a guy.
We can print custom T-shirts in-house or through a professional printer.
You can take your various images to your favorite shop for printing, or we'll take them to ours.

Finally, we'll put your flyers up. Yeah, we do windows. If you've got a big show and promotion is key, we'll put your flyers up in areas surrounding the show venue, and give them to people on the street.

Getting your info onto the web is also important. There are plenty of sites that allow bands to post info about themselves and about shows. We know some good ones, and we'll hook you up.


The Hip Community likes to network with good musicians. We are in essence a grassroots community. If you do business with us, it's not just business. We make friends. If you get sucked into our network, you can use us as a resource to meet musicians, fans, and other people that help us all do what we do. All in all it's a good deal.

Here's a quick list of all the HIPP projects and/or friends:
The Fake Thing - A Tribute To Faith No More
The Gwen Mitchell Trio
Sine Of Infinity
Tigerfolly Productions
Autopsy Kitchen Records

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