David Solar Portfolio

Here is an overview of my skills and the variety of work that I’m capable of.   Unfortunately, I have far more videos than photos, but I managed to dig up a decent handful of photo examples of my work.  We’ll begin with woodworking, as that is the focus of this portfolio.

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All of the photos here, and many that are not can be downloaded HERE.

The Trammel of Archimedes

As a CD release pre-order gift for my band, I made roughly 90 of these “Archimedes Trammels.”  Otherwise known as “Do nothing machines” or “BS Grinders,” these little toys were what inspired me to do woodworking at a very early age.  Once while sitting in a doctors office, one of these was in the waiting room, and I wanted to learn how to make one.  I finally got my chance.

Work in progress

Gear Coaster Set

Another project for the band was a coaster set with genuine involute gears.  The box was made with finger joints made with a homemade jig, the coasters had a nice bevel and were coated with marine varnish.

Here’s some work in progress to show how involved this project was.

Camera Case

When I got an expensive camera for doing all of the things I needed to use a camera for, I made a custom case for it.

Baby Chair Restoration

I remember sitting in this chair when I was  child.  Apparently it was a kit, and an uncle assembled it for us way back when.  Recently my sister asked if I could replace the broken bits and make it usable again.  I couldn’t resist.

Drafting Box

Early on, I knew I needed a place to stow my drafting tools, as well as a flat surface to use as a table if i didn’t have one handy.  This box did the trick.

Other Projects

After this it gets a little miscellaneous, but miscellaneous is a lot of what I do.  If I can, I will – and if I don’t know how, I’ll learn.  So here goes.  Captions added to describe each project.

Recent Cabinet Install View 1
Recent Cabinet Install View 2
Repairing a friend’s closet door
A shelf for the appliance repair shop
Push tool jig for table saw and router
Tool box project – Markup
Tool box project – I had to…
Tool box project – Assembled
Tool box project – Stained
Restoring a hide glue pot – Before
Restoring a hide glue pot – After
Dad’s new roof 1
Dad’s new roof 2
One of my tool racks
The band’s old merchandise rack
The band’s new merchandise rig

Note: I do all of the band’s artwork.  Everything you see I designed, and most of it I made by hand.  We do our own screen printing.

My screen printing rig

The EarFlower

The EarFlower is an entrepreneurial side project I’ve been developing for years and I am nearly ready to launch it for sale.  It is a clip that holds a flower that you wear on your ear.

The EarFlower
The EarFlower – Loading 1
The EarFlower – Loading 2
The EarFlower – Worn
The EarFlower – Manufacturing tools
The EarFlower – Production run

More Miscellaneous!

Okay, perhaps this is overkill, but I really wanted to demonstrate the breadth and depth of my capabilities.  The band made a music video in which they wore alien masks.  The masks we bought, but they didn’t come with the back half.  So I had no choice but to make them myself.  Fortunately for me, I got to fulfill a childhood wish to make special effects for film.

Making of Alien heads 1
Making of Alien heads 2
A fan wearing one of the alien heads

One of the things the film crew wanted for the video was a “face cam” mount for certain shots.  They didn’t have one, so I made one.  It worked flawlessly.

Face cam mount

Here is the video we made.  Please don’t think you’re wasting your time watching this.  The house in which it was filmed was built almost entirely my my brother and myself.  We did all of the design and framing.  I did all of the trim and railings, and installed the cabinets.

The house shot 1
The house shot 2

Totally unrelated skills

I find myself having to learn all kinds of things that I never really intended to.  Graphic design was an early entry, followed by programming, web design, and 3D modeling.  I got myself involved in projects in Second Life, a platform that I have no desire to explain – but it helped expand my capabilities beyond what I thought I could do.  I built two virtual islands for Virtual Abilities Incorporated, a group that deals with disability accessibility in virtual worlds.  The first island I built for them won them a $10,000 prize, for which I am extremely proud.  This is the second island I built for them.

The VAI Island
The Dome centerpiece

I also do volunteer work in Dreams, a Sim that runs a support group for autism.  I built this corner of it.  I’m Sam there.  Ummm…  a giant ant.  The “SamXamples” are my contribution to the scripting community.

My corner of the Dreams Sim

I also do all of the artwork for my band.  Here’s a shot of me working on the art for our latest album in PovRay, an amazing 3D rendering program.  All code, all the time.  No Graphic User Interface.

Pov-Ray Art WIP
A shot of an asset for the art


At this point I’ve run out of photos to share.   Thank you for your consideration.